24 Reasons Being a Dog Trainer is the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me!

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Why becoming a dog trainer is the best thing that ever happened to me!

At AZ Dog Smart & AZ Dog Sports we take being a dog trainer very seriously.  When it comes to hiring a new dog trainer, we only want the best and only hire the best.  Loving what you do for a living is very high on our list of candidate qualifications.

So, I wasn’t surprised when I recently asked our trainers for some of the reasons they LOVE being a dog trainer.  They were very willing to share!

As a professional dog trainer:

  1. You make your own hours.
  2. Small talk is limited to a few prompts.
  3. You get unconditional love and limited criticism, just some looks…
  4. You get to wear your favorite comfy jeans or clothes; since dirt, dog hair, and saliva are likely accessories.

  5. You always have a pal to hang out with or go for a walk.
  6. You have a very easy way to meet new people in a new neighborhood.
  7. You will never be alone at a party…everyone enjoys telling you their own dog stories.
  8. You get to meet every breed for a while, but not have to live with them!
  9. You get an endless supply of puppy breath and puppy love!
  10. You get to teach dogs how to swim!
  11. Dogs force you to constantly be a better person to live up to their love and respect.
  12. Food and toys are your best currency.

  13. You will always be learning to stay ahead of the curve.
  14. You will get to help dogs teach owners how to appreciate their dog
  15. You get to educate owners how to communicate with their dog resulting in a great relationship
  16. You help dogs get out and exercise by teaching owners how to have a dog who can walk nicely with them.
  17. You help keep dogs safe by letting owners know how to safely transport their dogs in the car.
  18. You help owners understand patience when training their dog.
  19. You assure owners that many things are common in the dog process and to not be worried about them.
  20. You get to have fun all the time!

  21. The small things are very rewarding! Like when a client is so excited because their dog sat when they asked them to.
  22. You can sleep better at night knowing you kept a dog from being euthanized because the owners got the help they needed.
  23. You get satisfaction seeing the dog and owner progress into higher levels.
  24. You learn how fascinating dog body language can be!

If you want to start loving what you do, try us out!
Come watch a class for a day…see if you like it!

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