8 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to a Coffee Shop

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8 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to a Coffee Shop

Spending time sitting at the local coffee shop with my dog is one of my favorite activities.

My dog gets to socialize, exercise, and people/dog watch.  Meanwhile, I enjoy my coffee outdoors, read a book and occasionally meet new people.

However, the process of getting to that point of relaxation and enjoyment took some time and preparation for both of us.

Here are 8 tips to make your coffee shop experience a positive one:

Plan Ahead

Find out which coffee shops in your area are dog friendly.  Which ones have outside seating, allow you to place your order from outside, and allow you to bring Fido indoors; just to mention a few.

Ensure That Your Dog Has The Basic Skills And Temperament

It is important that your dog does not act aggressively, continuously bark, or act nervous around strangers.  For the novice dog, I recommend first sitting in a remote spot and then slowly move closer to the active area.  Bring treats and reward your dog when she makes eye contact with you or behaves calmly and quietly.

Take Control Over Meeting Strangers

Do not allow people to come and pet your dog unless you are 100% certain that it is something she enjoys.  Again, start slowly.  Ask strangers to wait and allow your dog to approach them. If she chooses to stay away, do not force her.  If you would like, you may give a treat to the stranger to offer to your pet and allow her to initiate the meeting.  If done correctly, in time she will be curious enough to approach strangers and to say hello, but it is okay if she decides not to meet anyone at that time.

Exercise Your Dog Before Heading Out

Make sure that your dog has had an opportunity to get excess energy out.  A well-exercised dog will be more likely to just relax by your feet and enjoy the exchange with others.

Do Not Allow Other Dogs To Approach Your Dog

Be polite, but firm.  Two situations can unfold when two dogs meet nose to nose: the dogs will meet and decide to play or decide to fight.  Either outcome is NOT acceptable for a public place.  Please make sure you keep your dog at a distance and give enough room for everyone’s safety.

Keep Your Dog Leashed And Do Not Allow Her To Roam Around

Local leash laws should be followed at all times.  Keep your dog next to you, either by tying the leash to your chair or by stepping on the leash in the event your dog decides to run after something.  In either case, your dog remains secured next to you.

Sit In A Shaded Area

Make sure you and your dog are comfortable, sheltered from the sun, strong winds, and excessive noise.

Allow Your Dog To Go Potty Before Going In And Always Pick Up After Your Dog

Bring disposable bags and allow yourself enough time for a potty break before sitting down and enjoying your cup of coffee.


Following these few tips will ensure a pleasurable experience that you and your dog will enjoy and look forward to for years to come.

~Ida DeLeon, CPDT-KA

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