Dog Halloween Safety Tips

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8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Out of Harms Way This Halloween

It’s that time of year again! Spooky season is upon us and everyone’s gearing up for the most haunted holiday of the year – Halloween! Many of us love to include our dogs in our holiday traditions.  But it’s important to keep them safe during all the festivities.

Here’s some easy tips that’ll help you and your dog creep-it-real this Halloween:

  1. Handing out candy? Be sure to keep chocolate out of reach. Chocolate can be toxic to dogs. The foil many holiday treats are wrapped in can cause serious stomach issues.
  2. If your dog isn’t a fan of strangers or gets stressed out when people come to the door, consider setting a bowl of candy outside for trick-or-treaters.  This will reduce unwanted knocks or doorbell rings.
  3. People dressed in creepy costumes, especially with masks, might cause needless stress to your otherwise friendly dog. Consider preparing a special treat (frozen Kong anyone?) to keep your pup occupied and set him up in another room.
  4. If your dog is especially social and a seasoned veteran to Halloween visitors, be sure he is leashed up before opening the door to avoid him running out into the night.
  5. Hosting a house party? Be sure your dog doesn’t get into any alcohol, spirits, or boooo-ze. A dog’s kidneys and liver are not made for processing alcohol the way humans’ are.  This can cause serious damage.
  6. Only dress your dog up if he enjoys wearing costumes. Otherwise, you may cause unnecessary stress to your dog – no matter how fa-boo-lous he may look.
  7. If you do dress him up, be sure the costume isn’t too constricting or bothersome, and don’t leave it on too long.
  8. Taking your dog trick or treating? Halloween is a busy night so it’s important to utilize gear like reflective collars and leashes.  Also try clip-on collar lights to keep your pup visible to others.

dog halloween, dog trainer academy, dog training, az dog smart, az dog sportsRemember, our dogs count on us to keep them safe and comfortable, especially on these special nights.

Following these easy tips will lead to a spook-tacular Howl-o-ween for you and your four-legged friend!

~by Emily Hopkins, AZ Dog Sports Trainer

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