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dog training skills, az dog smart, dog trainer academy, dog training phoenixLooking for more resources to bring your dog training skills up a notch or two?

We have put together some tried and true great resources if you are interested in training dogs as a professional!

First Step to Increase Your Dog Training Skills

Shop about and follow different trainers you like on Facebook.  Get their books, read their blogs, and watch their DVD’s.  Immerse yourself in what others are doing.  Use their expertise and experience to familiarize yourself with advanced training methods. Get ideas to develop your own skills.  And move up from there!

Staying Current in Your Dog Training Skills

The dog training world is always progressing and changing. These are tried & true and will keep you current.


Websites for Science-based Dog Training

become a dog trainer, be a dog trainer, dog training skills

APDT – Association for Professional Dog Trainers

CCPDT – Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers.

  • You can become a Behavior Consultant Canine, through the CCPDT.

DOGWISE – Complete book and guide resource website

PPG – Pet Professional Guild


Authors & Trainers to Follow

become a dog trainer, be a dog trainer, dog training skills

Jean Donaldson

Pat Miller

Emily Larlham

Karen Pryor

Terry Ryan

Zach George

Sue Sternberg

Patricia McConnell

Susan Garrett

Claudia Fagazza

Dog Gurus

  • Dog – Assistance for Pet Day Care and Training facilities

If you are just getting started in your dog training journey….AZ Dog Smart Academy is the best place to be.

We are the only hands-on dog trainer academy in the Valley.

You learn alongside experienced professionals and are mentored every step of the way.

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Not sure yet if you want to start down the road to becoming a dog trainer?  Contact us.  We would love to talk to you about your options.  We can help.

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