Fostering Adolescent Dogs

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fostering dogs

We take the dog world seriously and we love helping people who also take the dog world seriously.

We are the leading Professional Dog Trainer Academy in the Valley, helping people from all walks of life become the trainers they want to be.  But sometimes we have to take a step back and shift our focus to the big picture.  That being, the dogs out there who need our help.

AZ Dog Smart Academy and AZ Dog Sports Training Gym work with rescue organizations and foster families all over the Valley who are also looking at the big picture.  They want to help dogs find loving homes.  Fostering puppies and older dogs comes with a host of challenges for both the rescue and the families.  But adolescent dogs in foster homes are in a category of their own.  These dogs are sometimes like teenagers.  Dazed and confused.  They are in between the puppy stage and the adult stage trying to find their place in this world.

Fortunately there is help!  Our friends at Whole Dog Journal recently wrote about the challenges of fostering “tween” dogs.  Nancy Kerns unexpectedly found herself with a dog named Sophie.  And she writes about her life and challenges with this foster dog in this article.  You will learn how she lived to tell about it and also some great advice on how to deal with issues such as, potty training, barking, nervous car rides and even separation anxiety.

Check out Nancy and Sophie’s journey HERE.

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