We Are What We Eat

By April 28, 2021Uncategorized

We are what we eat.

It’s a common saying about human nutrition, acknowledging the critical link between our health and our diet. And it’s true of dogs, too.

The question of canine nutrition has garnered increasing attention over the last couple of decades, bringing an ever-burgeoning pet food market in its wake. The choices are endless, from kibbles to cans to dried foods, food rolls, frozen raw diets, the butcher shop, and home-cooked formulas.

If all these choices have you wondering what to feed your dog, subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal (www.whole-dog-journal.com). A sort of Consumer Reports for dog lovers, they’ve spent a couple of decades deftly decoding conflicting pet food advice and the newest research studies to keep readers up to date with straightforward guidance on the pros and cons of various diets. They publish yearly best-and-worst commercial pet foods lists, too—an invaluable tool when faced with shelf upon shelf of options.

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