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4 Simple Paw Care Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Just like you like to keep your feet healthy, your dog’s paws need to be in shape, too.

Here are some paw care tips you can use to keep your pooches paws healthy so he can keep up with you!

  1. If you start a new training program or plan a hiking vacation, be sure to start off slow to give your dog’s paw pads time to grow stronger and more resilient.

  2. Trim, trim, trim. Paw hair can quickly become matted and turn into uncomfortable or painful clumps. Comb the hair out (use oil if necessary), then trim hair to be even with the pads.

  3. Clean in between. After walks, check paws for foxtails, pebbles, burrs, or other debris. Use a comb, a pair of tweezers, or simply cut away anything that won’t budge.

  4. Keep them soft and whole. Don’t let your dog’s paw pads get cracked and dry. Your veterinarian can recommend a good pad moisturizer (human moisturizer doesn’t work well for dogs).


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