Living With A Dog In Your Senior Years

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dog in my senior years, az dog sports, become a dog trainer, dog training phoenixAs you find yourself aging, you might be wondering whether having a dog companion is a good choice.

You are probably asking yourself:

  • Is living with a dog in my senior years going to be too much work?
  • Can I handle the extra expense living on a fixed income?
  • Do I need to have a certain type of dog?

We hope to help you answer these questions.

Once you enter the years of retirement, having the unconditional love of a dog at your side can be invaluable.  They provide love, comfort and joy to help you maneuver the changes in your life.

So, how can you go about making the decision to get a dog in your senior years the right way?

Our friends at Whole Dog Journal are here to help!  Read this article where they give tips and helpful assistance for you as your navigate this time in your life.

AZ Dog Sports is here to help once you make the choice to adopt a dog.  We offer private in-home training sessions with one of our many professional dog trainers.  The trainer will come to your house so you don’t have to go anywhere.  We believe in the power of the love of a dog and we are here to help you make that choice as easy as possible.

Call us if we can help you!  602-237-6775

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