AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are happy to list adoptable dogs for our rescue partners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale community. You may contact the appropriate foster representative or adoption counselor for each dog listed.

Please note: this is a courtesy post only.

AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are not affiliated with any one rescue. We have not necessarily evaluated or met the dogs. Most are in loving foster homes waiting for their forever family.

AZ Dog Sports will donate a $20 coupon to any adopting family for in home private training or small group class training.

Meet Shy!

Shy is a 3 year old lab mix who was rescued from county very pregnant and ready to deliver. She had 10 puppies and was a terrific mother.  She has been in a foster home ever since and is now ready for her furever home!

She is very sweet and loving. She loves just hanging out while you work or binge watching your favorite shows with you. She is currently training at AZ Dog Sports and learning all the basics. She’s doing great with the leash training as well. She loves playing outside, loves all toys. She gets along great with people, children and other dogs.  She has not been introduced to cats that we know of. Shy has been spayed vaccinated and microchipped. Only thing missing in her life is you.

Please call or text Don Bradley 602-403-0478 if you are interested in meeting Shy.

Thank you!

Bella found her forever home!

Thank you!

Meet Pippa!

Pippa, 4 years old, 4lbs, spayed female Chihuahua

Sporting her fashionable XXS gear, Pippa is searching for a family to love her. This little cuddlebug is ready to go home and warm your sofa between bouts of goofy zoomies. She has been very affectionate in her foster home and prefers to have all the attention to herself!

Pippa is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

If you’d like to include Pippa in your life, please submit an adoption inquiry at

Meet Thor!

Thor is looking for his forever home. He needs an active household with a family who is looking to have a fun time with a him. Thor has basic training; he can lie down, sit and wait. He is kennel trained and loves to chill out with a frozen Kong. Thor also walks very well on leash with a head halter, daily exercise is important in his care.

Thor enjoys to play with other dogs and is learning his leash manners when around them. He can cohabitate with dogs or have play dates with dog friends. He absolutely loves playing with people too, grab a tug toy or a ball to have a blast with him!

Contact Tabitha at if you can help Thor.

Thank you!

Meet Princess Leia!

Princess Leia out of this world, and searching for a family to explore the galaxy with! She is a marvelous young lady who recently found out there’s a whole universe out there and she wants you to help her see it all. Showing her adventurous side, Leia has taken up the sport of agility and is excelling at it. She also has awesome skills in obedience, she can sit, down, come and place on cue… and is highly motivated to learn more!

Leia has made many dog friends, playing well with dogs who match her style. She can also relax with her buddies at home when playtime is over. Leia is struggling with remaining calm on leash when friends she hasn’t met yet are out of reach but she is well on her way to being a well-mannered princess by working hard at her lessons. Princess Leia is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

If you’d like to join Leia in her adventures, please submit an inquiry at

Meet CJ!

CJ is a 8 1/2 month old chihuahua weenie mix. He loves his bed and to snuggle super close. He is playful and does little dances when he’s excited. He is apprehensive towards men but amazing with women and children.

CJ needs a dedicated guardian who keeps him on track with his potty training and takes him out every two hours. He is super lovable!

Please call or text if you are interested in meeting CJ.

Don Bradley 602-529-4322

Thank you!

Meet Bunky!

Bunky is a young 10 year old Queensland Healer mix. He lost his home because he has a torn ACL and needs a loving home with no stairs.  Vet really wanted to avoid surgery because of age and most likely won’t benefit from the surgery. Bunky is super sweet. He still loves to play ball tug and loves going for walks.  He’s potty trained. Bunky tolerates other dogs with proper meet and greet.  He’d rather be an only child but would do fine with another older dog as well.

Bunky should be in a family that provides love and structure.  He loves his kennel and is not a barker.

Please call or text if you are interested in meeting Bunky.

Don Bradley 602-403-0478

Thank you!

Meet Odin!

This young Mastiff puppy has had a rough start.  He was sent to a boot camp for reactivity where he seemed to become more reactive due to the methods used.  Currently he is being boarded and looking for a new home with a family that will give him positive training techniques.  Odin is very treat motivated, loves playing with his ball on a rope, and has pretty good recall. He does not like to be forced to do tasks or cues. This dog works better for praise and positive reinforcement. He appears to maybe like women a bit more naturally than men at this time.

Contact Freedom Brothers at 480-285-7744 or Layne at 602-430-6619 to meet Odin.

Thank you!

Pakkun has found his forever home!

Thank you!