AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are happy to list adoptable dogs for our rescue partners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale community. You may contact the appropriate foster representative or adoption counselor for each dog listed.

Please note: this is a courtesy post only.

AZ Dog Sports and AZ Dog Smart are not affiliated with any one rescue. We have not necessarily evaluated or met the dogs. Most are in loving foster homes waiting for their forever family.

AZ Dog Sports will donate a $20 coupon to any adopting family for in home private training or small group class training.

Meet Alec!

Alec is a three year old chihuahua that has been dealt a really bad hand. This little guy came from an abuse case. He has been so hurt in his life they broke his spirt. He is such a sweet guy and wants to be loved so bad. It’s going to take someone with a patient gentle soul to bring this guy completely out of his fears.

BFF has been fostering him for several weeks now and see his progress improving all the time. They finally got him comfortable enough to where he’ll jump up lick your finger tips. The other day they were able to pet him for the first time.

He’s great with other dogs. I’d like to get him in a home so he can come out of his shell completely.  Alec is vaccinated neutered and microchipped, potty trained and loves his kennel.

Please consider this little love.

Please call or text Don at BFF if you are interested in meeting Alec!

Don Bradley 602-403-0478

Thank you!

Meet Nola!

Nola is affectionate, funny, playful and adventurous when given the opportunity to thrive. Nola would love to join you on park sniff-aris, playing fetch or training new tricks. She is highly motivated by both food and toys, and – when she is comfortable with you – lots of pets!

Nola adores the company of dogs her size who want to play with her and enjoys competing in a game of tug-of-war. She can also walk by other dogs on leash very well, understanding when it is play time and when it is work time.

Nola has been a model obedience student and knows heel, sit, down and drop it very well! She is always looking for new things she can learn with you. Nola is also crate-trained, housebroken, non-destructive and well-behaved on leash.

Nola grew up in a stressful environment that has left her nervous and afraid of strange humans. Despite this adversity, she is excited to explore new environments and learn new things. She may take a few days to warm up to new people, but once she knows you she is an easy-going dog who loves affection.

Nola is spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and will come with a martingale collar, a leash, and post-adoption support.

If you think she may be a good fit for your family, contact us at

Meet Thor!

Thor is looking for his forever home. He needs an active household with a family who is looking to have a fun time with a him. Thor has basic training; he can lie down, sit and wait. He is kennel trained and loves to chill out with a frozen Kong. Thor also walks very well on leash with a head halter, daily exercise is important in his care.

Thor enjoys to play with other dogs and is learning his leash manners when around them. He can cohabitate with dogs or have play dates with dog friends. He absolutely loves playing with people too, grab a tug toy or a ball to have a blast with him!

Contact Tabitha at if you can help Thor.

Thank you!

Meet Princess Leia!

Princess Leia out of this world, and searching for a family to explore the galaxy with! She is a marvelous young lady who recently found out there’s a whole universe out there and she wants you to help her see it all. Showing her adventurous side, Leia has taken up the sport of agility and is excelling at it. She also has awesome skills in obedience, she can sit, down, come and place on cue… and is highly motivated to learn more!

Leia has made many dog friends, playing well with dogs who match her style. She can also relax with her buddies at home when playtime is over. Leia is struggling with remaining calm on leash when friends she hasn’t met yet are out of reach but she is well on her way to being a well-mannered princess by working hard at her lessons. Princess Leia is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

If you’d like to join Leia in her adventures, please submit an inquiry at

Meet Bunky!

Bunky is a young 10 year old Queensland Healer mix. He lost his home because he has a torn ACL and needs a loving home with no stairs.  Vet really wanted to avoid surgery because of age and most likely won’t benefit from the surgery. Bunky is super sweet. He still loves to play ball tug and loves going for walks.  He’s potty trained. Bunky tolerates other dogs with proper meet and greet.  He’d rather be an only child but would do fine with another older dog as well.

Bunky should be in a family that provides love and structure.  He loves his kennel and is not a barker.

Please call or text if you are interested in meeting Bunky.

Don Bradley 602-403-0478

Thank you!

Meet Elmer!

Elmer is very smart and loves to learn new things, he’s also a VERY cool boy! He is crate/house trained. He loves his belly rubs and enjoys being around adults and kids (no small children, he gets excited at times, may knock a little one over).   He has such an AMAZING personality, that you will fall in LOVE with him quickly.  Come see for yourself…..He is around 3.5 years old, LOVES to go hiking, play in the water, play with his toys, and a good game of fetch.  He would make a great travel buddy.  He rides great in the car, he takes direction well, knows SIT, DOWN and SHAKE, and HIGH FIVE!  After some play time he likes to just chill and cuddle up next to you. Have a dog? A dog intro is required. This boy has his WHOLE heart to LOVE you, he’s all you need. Elmer would really enjoy a backyard to play ball and roll in the grass.  No cats or small dogs.  Neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. He’s ready to go! Let’s get Elmer into a loving home!!

Are you READY to meet Elmer? To FOSTER or ADOPT, please fill out one of the applications below:




Meet Lia!

Lia is around 2.5 years old, a Shar-Pei mix. Lia is shy when first meeting her, she needs someone that will be patient and will allow her to warm up.  She walks great on the leash, and enjoys going on walks.  Older kids 10+ , she likes to play with other dogs,  not sure about cats. She would love to have a backyard to roll around in the grass and run around and play.  She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines.

Ready to meet Lia? She is available to Foster or Adopt…..fill out one of the forms below:




Meet Sweet Senior Boy Big Jim!

Big Jim has been in boarding for over 3.5 years, no fault of his own, that’s way too long.  He needs a FOSTER OR ADOPTER. He would like a FAMILY to give lots of LOVE to.  Is that too much to ask? Please help share Big Jim………

Big Jim loves to give big kisses!  He is a gentle guy who just wants to be loved and has so much love to give! He is around 8 yrs old, is eager to please and already has some basic training. He does know how to sit, give high fives, and use the doggy door (house trained.)  He loves to lay in the sun outside, happy with short walks, a little play time, and of course major belly rubs. Big Jim’s tail never stops wagging and he would love to wag it with his new fur-ever family where he can feel safe and loved! Kids 10 and over, have another dog? that’s okay, the rescue can help with dog intro to make sure Big Jim and the dog get along. Come meet this handsome boy!

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Meet Joss!

Joss is 2-2.5 years old, Shar-Pei mix. She’s a petite little girl, just the right size at around 35-40lbs, she is very sweet and curious.  She enjoys playing in the water with the hose and once she feels comfortable with you she gives you kisses.  She takes treats gently. She enjoys playing with toys and her doggie friends. Joss would LOVE to have another dog friend, not sure how she is with cats, children 10+ recommended. Joss is shy when you first meet her, have some patience and she will be your best friend.  Joss is microchipped, up to date on her vaccines and spayed.

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Meet Negrita!

Negrita has been waiting over a 1.5 yrs in boarding, it’s time for her to have her own family to love.  She is around 3.5-4 years old, Shar-Pei mix, she is shy/timid when first meeting her, she will take time to warm up to her new family. If you have patience and will allow her to warm up at her pace, she will make a great family dog (older kids 12+).  She walks great on the leash, she likes to play with other dogs, not sure about cats. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines. She is ready for her new home!

Are you READY to meet Negrita? To FOSTER or ADOPT, please fill out one of the applications below:




All the puppies found their forever homes!

Thank you for your help.