There’s A Training Tip For That – My dog’s really gotta go!

(Potty that is.)

Getting my dog to potty … There’s a Training Tip for That!

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I know my dog has to go, but she’s too excited to see me and won’t go outside!

When I arrive back home, my pups are beside themselves with excitement. Always the trainer, I try not to say much as I calmly walk to the back door and let them out. After all, I need them to focus and take care of business before rewarding them with attention and coming back into the house.

Little Guy (LG), my little Papillon, could not get with the program. He would not leave my side to go out, even though I knew he needed to go. Wanting to avoid an “accident” in the house later, I started walking outside with him, but not petting him until he went to the grass.  No matter how long it took, I just waited until he pottied. He then would run up to me, proud as anything, getting the cuddles and congratulations he craved.

Very quickly, LG got the idea that relieving himself resulted in the pats he wanted so badly. I then went a step further and started putting words to the situation: “Go potty!”

The connection was fast made in that little head of his and very soon “Go potty” meant take care of business and get nice attention from Mom. It’s been a very handy command to have in the toolbox. And I must admit it is hilarious to see such a little guy run out to the grass, immediately hike his back left leg, and then look at me as if to say, “See me? I am doing it!!”

A little patience, consistency, and reward for a job well done and he is happy to comply.

Try this with your furry buddy; it will work!

~ by Darcy Rohats

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