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Why We Believe At AZ Dog Smart Academy You Should Never Give Up on a Dog!

By Layne Kizler, Founder

Having a dog affects every aspect of your life. It teaches you patience, perseverance, compassion, caring and empathy. One of my clients, Judy, rescued a dog, Cody, and was extremely frustrated. During her moments of frustration, Judy would say, “Uh, I don’t think Cody’s ever going to get it! Maybe we should just re-home him, maybe we should just give him to another family.”

This is the way many people feel when handling a dog who isn’t behaving correctly. Often these dogs go to shelters and become euthanized.

I said, “Judy, what message does that send to your children? Here is a living animal who you took into your care and who is depending on you. Just because he’s difficult, you’re not going to keep trying?” She was running out of patience and didn’t want to stick to the training anymore. So I said, “You’re a stay-at-home mom, come on, you can do this!” And I showed her the similarities between supporting the dog and supporting her children. I taught her to understand what Cody could do for her family in the long-run. That angle opened her eyes, because she didn’t see them as related.

I asked her, are you going to just let your daughter give up on something because she’s frustrated? Or are you going to teach her how to stick with something; to be diligent, patient, learn to educate yourself and finally overcome this obstacle? Today, Cody is an awesome dog. Sometimes you have to look back on an experience to see the value.

This why I do what I do.

Becoming a dog trainer is much more than just training dogs. It’s about protecting them, saving them so they can become integrated happy dogs and get along well their new families. In our dog training academy, we educate you in our program on how to train people and dogs so you can make a difference as a trainer or professional. Becoming a trainer isn’t just a job, yet a humanitarian and rewarding experience.

If you’d like to pursue a career where you can make a difference, please give us a call for availability and enrollment times.