How Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer Leads To A Happier Lifebe a dog trainer, dog trainers phoenixInsights From A Dog Trainer

Don’t take our word for it, listen to someone who has been training dogs for years and what she has to say about her accomplished career.  When we asked one of our most successful trainers what makes her job rewarding, here are some of the things she had to say:

“It’s fun and satisfying as a dog trainer to have a client come in and say my dog is unruly and after I work with them, they say, ‘Finally I have a dog I can enjoy or take places and he does what I ask.’”

Every job has bad days, right?  Not so much when you truly love what you do for a living!

“There are everyday personal rewards in this work because a lot of people end up surrendering the pet because of bad behavior. As a dog trainer, you help them become adoptable. You see results every single day!”

“In this work, you’re rewarded daily because you know you’re making a difference in a dog and a family’s life.”

What if you found a career that just got better and better?  A daily life of fulfilling, rewarding work that really didn’t feel like work.  You call the shots, you set your schedule, you pick your clients.  And on top it all, you get to see great success over time and watch families grow strong relationships with their canine companions!

“There isn’t one isolated rewarding moment because the moments accumulate. So many people are frustrated when they first come to class. We teach them to be calm, patient and enthusiastic working with their dog. This creates success for both the pet and the people in classes.”

~ Karen Burleson, AZ Dog Sports Trainer

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